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Why Host Families Should Consider Male Aupairs

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

On our blog about Frequently Asked Questions, we responded to many enquiries from males interested in being Aupairs; as much as male Aupairs exist, and interestingly are known as Bropairs, they still face a shockingly high amount of prejudice.

So, why should you, as a parent, host a male Aupair? Well, the answer to this lies in your childcare needs and what will be best for your child(ren). Every family is different and that means they all have different childcare needs, but there are certain benefits to hosting a male Aupair and why it is the perfect choice for your child(ren). On this blog, we explored some of the benefits of hosting a male Aupair in your home.

However, before the dive in, it is worthy of saying that your choice of Aupair should be strictly based on qualification, who you are comfortable with, and your expectations, gender should in no way be used as a metric to select who to host, because this might affect your expectations.

1. Male Aupairs are passionate about what they do

In the vein of stressing the structures of stereotyping, male Aupairs are passionate about what they do and make good paragons. Because it is not a common thing to see, they put a great deal of energy into what they do, to defy the odds and prove themselves to be excellent at caring for children.

2. They build a unique bond with the boy child

For families with boys, male Aupairs are a good fit. Boys easily connect with male Aupairs because they play and act the “big brother” role in their lives, which is something many boys appreciate, especially if they don't have one. More so, pre-pubescent boys tend to be more comfortable with men they trust or look up to as a mentor, so conversations about shared interests like football or gaming, for one, tend to foster their relationships.

3. They add masculine dynamics to your home

In a heterosexual home where the father is absent, the presence of a masculine figure in the form of a male Aupair may provide the child(ren) with a sense of stability while also easing the pressure of single parenting on the mother. The male presence Bropairs offers may essentially strike a balance in a child’s development. This does not mean every child needs the presence of a masculine figure in their life but if you feel that your child(ren) needs this, then hosting a male Aupair would be a great choice.

Summarily, choosing between a male Aupair or a female Aupair depends on your childcare needs and personal choice. After weighing these needs and deciding to hire a female Aupair, that is absolutely fine. However, if a male Aupair would meet your childcare needs and would perfectly fit in, why not go for it? Aupair Match UK has a wide range of personalities to choose from. If you want to host a male Aupair and experience a new context of cultural exchange, please Click Here.

For males who want to be Aupairs, the requirements are the same as for female Aupairs.

If you have any of the following, you DO NOT need a visa to be an Aupair in the UK:

Everyone else would need a valid passport and a valid UK student visa to come to the UK. To sign up to become a male Aupair, please Click Here.

I hope you had a good read-through and if not enjoyed it, you at least found it useful. If you are interested in knowing more about being an Aupair from Nigeria, or Aupair job vacancies in the UK, or you are already an Aupair and have good advice to give other Aupairs, you are warmly invited to join our community. Just as well, if you are a parent who would like to host an Aupair from Nigeria, or find out about Aupairs available in your local community, or just get some moral support from other families, please join our community.

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