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Reasons to Become an Aupair

Dear Aupair Match UK: 5 Reasons Why I became an Aupair

My name is Debby, I am from Senegal, I have lived with my host family for nine months, my contract with them is for two years. I live in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, I am an undergraduate student at Sheffield Hallam University, my house is a 10-minute bike ride to my campus.

After secondary school, I spent two years combing the internet for undergraduate scholarship opportunities. My efforts were crowned with success when I won a 50% scholarship waiver.

During the time I researched, I studied for and aced my IELTS. It was at this time I discovered aupairing. I chose to become an aupair because it was the perfect way for me to enjoy my time studying without worrying about bills and I fit the age range.

The following are my reasons for becoming an aupair.

1. I am an International Student, in Need of Free Accommodation: Coming from an underprivileged financial family, I imagined getting to study, live, work and enjoy the UK on a shoestring budget possible. As an aupair, I not only enjoy the free room, board and weekly pocket money, I also go on vacations with my host family plus I have ample time to pursue my own interests. My number one piece of advice; sign up to BECOME AN AUPAIR.

2. I am a Non-native English Speaker:

I grew up speaking French and Arabic, but I would obsess over English books, music and movies. My host family paid part of the cost for my English language course

My host kids also help me practice a lot, living with a British family and studying in the UK has helped my English grow perfectly.

3. I Had Childcare Experience:

Growing up in my community, there was always a child to care for, we believe it takes a village to raise a child, I had experience in childcare from my siblings, relatives, neighbours etc. As a family-oriented person, I am confident I will make a great parent when the time comes, while babysitting just provides a snapshot of life with kids, aupairing provides a 24/7 glimpse into what it takes to be a parent. My host family has also accepted me wholeheartedly and I can’t help feeling like my host kids are my siblings, on days when I am in low spirits, this love keeps me going.

GOV.UK guided my research on becoming an aupair.

4. Cultural Immersion and Life Skills:

At school, my peers and professors accord me a lot of respect because I am an aupair. In fact, I have learnt that being an aupair demonstrates a number of sought after soft skills to prospective employers, including everything from communication skills and adaptability to problem-solving and time management skills. I have gained independence from my family and a real insight into what life is like in another country, having firsthand experience with a different culture. Living with my host family in their home has given me a more direct sense of everyday life and culture which you won’t have access to in a dorm, I have become a participant in this way of life. That said, I have plenty of opportunities to interact with other people my age and often I spend my free time with other Aupairs and International students.

5. Making and Saving Money:

I saved the best for last, living with my host family has made my life so much easier, while other International students scamper for regular jobs, my host mom has introduced me to the world of freelancing. So, asides from my weekly pocket money, I earn so much more (I am responsible for the other half of my tuition and I send home some money)

Dear Aupair Match UK, while being an aupair isn’t for everyone, these five reasons have fueled my passion from my small town in Dakar, Senegal to experience life in the UK. As an International student, becoming an Aupair is one way to live affordably in the UK; free of rent, bills and tax plus you get to save money, experience cultural exchange and enjoy being an adopted member of a British family while getting a world-class education.

I hope you had a good read-through and if not enjoyed it, you at least found it useful.

If you are moving to the UK or already in the UK and worried about figuring out your finances, then you should sign up here to become an Aupair and enjoy a good quality of life in the UK.

If you are interested in knowing more about being an Aupair, or Aupair job vacancies in the UK, or you are already an Aupair and have good advice to give other Aupairs, you are warmly invited to join our community.

Just as well, if you are a parent who would like to host an Aupair or find out about Aupairs available in your local community, or just get some moral support from other families, please join our community:

Telegram: Aupair Match UK

Instagram and Twitter: @AupairMatchUK

Facebook Group: Aupair Match UK

WhatsApp Chat: +447721975242

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