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My Aupair's Stay Went Wrong! Can You Help Me?

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

Dear Aupair Match UK, my Aupair's stay went wrong, can you help me find another Aupair?

Hi, Abigail in your email you said your child and your Aupair did not have a good relationship and will like AUPAIR MATCH UK to help you find another Aupair, you have come to the right place.

Aupairing can be an exciting and life-changing experience for both parties, it can be the beginning of a lasting friendship. Although the Aupair experience can be quite rewarding, there can still be some problems. If you want to make your time hosting an Aupair as smooth as possible, here is what you should do.

Try to speak honestly with your Aupair about the problems that occurred and find a solution together. Most of the troubles can be solved through feedback and conversation. If the case is too serious and you cannot find a way out, you can terminate the contract. Don’t forget about the notice period that is mentioned in your Aupair contract. During this time both sides can find a solution to the problem. Try to be supportive of each other in such cases.

As a host family, when it comes to staying safe during the Aupair program, what should you keep in mind?

Following these steps will ensure that you make the right choice when it comes to hiring an Aupair:

1. Start searching for your Aupair 4-8 months before you need her or him.

2. Pick a family-oriented agency that understands your unique needs. AUPAIR MATCH UK is the first and only agency in the U.K. to offer a special needs live-in Aupair program.

3. Create a relationship with the candidate you prefer. Ensure he or she has visited GOV.UK to learn the governing laws of being an Aupair in the UK.

4. In addition to spending time with your family, the person you've chosen will hopefully become your family member. If you based your opinion about an Aupair on the online profile you saw, it isn't guaranteed to be accurate. It's much easier to connect with the Aupair after conducting a video interview.

5. Following some initial small talk, invite the applicant for a longer chat with your entire family during which you will be able to ask all the questions you need to know.

6. The Aupair Video Interview Guide is now available online, showing you what questions you should ask the Aupair. You can use it to prepare for the interview. You should arrange for the Aupair to attend at least three video interviews. It is a great way to get to know a person before taking further steps.

As a host family, here are a few common problems you may encounter and possible solutions to them:

1. The Aupair takes advantage of the program to live in the UK without having to pay rent and is not actually interested in the Aupair experience.

Before hiring an Aupair, get a good idea about the person. Organize several video calls to make sure the candidate shows interest in the program, tries to get your children's attention and wants to keep in touch with you and build a relationship.

2. You do not agree with your Aupair’s educational methods.

People might have different opinions about how to educate children. But remember that you, as the parents, will always determine the way you want to educate your children. If you don’t like the way your Aupair behaves with your kids, discuss this matter with her/him, be honest about your issues and depending on how serious the situation is, decide how to proceed.

3. Your child(ren) do not accept the Aupair.

The situation is new for the children and they will need some time to adapt. It can be really difficult for them to accept a new person if they are used to spending a lot of time only with you or with people they are familiar with. Have several video calls with your future Aupair and let your children participate: they can get a first impression of the Aupair, so it will not be that overwhelming for them when he/she joins the family. Once the Aupair has arrived, try to get him/her involved with as many family activities as possible. This way the children will recognize the Aupair as a family member, not as a substitute for the parents. Give them some time to get used to him/her and try to explain to them why there is a new person in the house living with them. This will help to build trust in a shorter time.

Dear Abigail, like most parents, you have found yourself trying to balance your life, family commitments and career. That's why you've been in search of the perfect solution for so long. Employing an Aupair does seem like an excellent solution for consistent, loving care for your child in your own home. The process of hiring an Aupair cannot be compared to finding a babysitter for a weekend date.

Signing out now, peace!

I hope you had a good read through and if not enjoyed it or at least found it useful.

If you are interested in knowing more about being an Aupair from Nigeria, or Aupair job vacancies in the UK, or you are already an Aupair and have good advice to give other Aupairs, you are warmly invited to join our community.

Just as well, if you are a parent who would like to host an Aupair from Nigeria, or find out about Aupairs available in your local community, or just get some moral support from other families, please join our community:

Telegram: Aupair Match UK

IG and TWITTER: @aupairmatchuk

Facebook Group: aupairmatchuk

Whatsapp Chat: +447721975242

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