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Is Being an Aupair an Affordable Way to Live as a Student in the UK?

Updated: Apr 23, 2022

The American Author and Entrepreneur Marie Forleo says, “Everything is figureoutable" and I couldn't agree more. It's a practical discipline, and when it comes to living affordably, there isn't an exact blueprint. Researching, exploring and experimenting is how to go about it. Thankfully, our team have put together a guide on how to live affordably as a student in the UK.

Students from around the world enrol in universities in the UK to study each year, similarly, ex-pats travel to the UK to live and work, making the UK one of the most popular and attractive destinations in the world.

The first thing you might want to do is calculate how much money you will need to get by in the UK, or how much an English education will cost. Basically, draft out a budget.

The Cost of Living in the UK as a Student

Analysts measure the cost of living in a region by the average amount needed to live an average life. A study by Expatistan interestingly places the UK as the 14th most expensive place in the world, considering it hosts a lot of ex-pats from all over the world. However, the amount of money you spend will largely depend on the city you live in. University residence halls are common at many universities in the UK and the average utility cost is included in the final price of these living spaces.

In terms of food and groceries, a student will spend between £50 - £300 on average per month. The public transport system costs much but offers a variety of options for daily commutes. In addition to this, entertainment costs (cinemas, concerts and theatres), clothes, student visas, and immigration health surcharges. These fees represent additional costs incurred in the UK.

Why Being an Aupair is the Most Affordable Way to live in the UK as an International Student

For those who are not familiar with the concept. Aupairing is a cultural exchange program where a young person from one country lives with a family in another country so they can learn about each other’s cultures.

Basically, an Aupair is a temporarily adopted member of the family. During the program, the Aupair takes on a job of a babysitter with the family, while the family hosts the Aupair in their home. Aupairing is perfectly legal.

Some of the perks are free meals, free accommodation and weekly pocket money. In fact, the UK government sets a minimum weekly pocket money to be paid to Aupairs at £90/week, however, in a high-demand setting. Aupairs get up to £150/week.

Life as an Aupair in the UK vs Self-Funded Stay in the UK

For students, popular cities like London can easily see monthly living costs surpass £1200 and in much smaller towns, you can live comfortably on a £590 - £1000 budget per month. In contrast, Aupairs pay nothing, as they are always allowed their own bedroom in their host family’s house since the Aupair stays with them for a temporary period of time. As aforementioned, food cost for students amounts to about £230 per month and in contrast, Aupairs are given free meals by their host families

The Best Part!

Despite getting only weekly pocket money as an Aupair, you would have more savings, as most of your basic needs would be catered for by your host family.

If you’re moving to the UK or already in the UK and worried about figuring out your finances, then you should sign up here to become an Aupair and enjoy a good quality of life in the UK.

I hope you had a good read-through and if not enjoyed it, you at least found it useful. If you are interested in knowing more about being an Aupair from Nigeria, or Aupair job vacancies in the UK, or you are already an Aupair and have good advice to give other Aupairs, you are warmly invited to join our community. Just as well, if you are a parent who would like to host an Aupair from Nigeria, or find out about Aupairs available in your local community, or just get some moral support from other families, please join our community.

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